Congratulations to SafeTech’s learners who completed the course of chemical Safety under Decree No.133/2017/ND-CP on 14th Nov 2022!

      On 14th Nov 2022, engineers from PVD Offshore passed chemical safety exams successfully. With experienced instructor, the team have participated in course enthusiastically. We are so happy and honored to partner with PVD Offshore to train human resource with high quality.

The following is some information about this course at Safety Training Centre:

1. Reasons for training chemical safety:

  • To comply with the provisions of law: Decree No. 113/2017/ND-CP (be effective from on 25th Nov 2017) specifies and provided guidelines for implementation of certain articles of the law on chemicals.
  • To ensure a safe working environment for employees: The course will provide participants with a theoretical knowledge to work in chemical – related environments. Programs of training courses shall be in line with positions of trainees; nature, types and hazards of chemicals in factories/stores.

2. The contents, programs and duration of training:

  • Apply to Decree No.113/2017/ND-CP and other circulars of Ministry.
  • After finishing the course of chemical safety training and passing exams successfully, learners will be issued a certificate of completion of training courses of chemical safety. Learners must participate in training course every 2 years.

3. Reasons for choosing Safetech Training Centre:

  • Enthusiastic instructors and rich experience in the fields concerned.
  • Having full facilities and equipments.
  • Flexibly arrange the courses for specific customer needs, even at weekend.
  • Extra service such as shuttle car, dormitory, tea break and lunch meal if learning all day.


♦ Ms Van – Training Manager                Phone: 0902 296 222         Email:

♦ Ms Hang – Training Coordinator        Phone: 0982 241 672          Email:

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