SHE SOLUTION’s expert to Safetech Training Centre to conduct “Train the Trainer” course

Reasons to invest in GWO Training for your team.

GWO training is an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge you need to work towards optimal safety on your job sites. Individuals who complete GWO training are more likely to perform safely and effectively in a range of industries.

To be a GWO training provider, we understand the benefits of GWO training and the effectiveness of training relates to safety of individuals directly, also, the whole team become significantly safer.

The importance of choosing a GWO training provider.

A quality GWO training provider will decide your safety in works. At Safetech Training Centre, quality is our top priority. The two main factors which decide the quality of training courses, are training equipments and trainers:

  1. Firstly, our training equipments are imported directly from manufacturers famous for rescue equipment such as Skylotec, She – Solution, Petzl ….and are used in large wind – energy companies. It enables us to provide accurate practical training modules within a controlled environment to all participants. They will have the best training experience.
  2. Secondly, our trainers who are experienced and certified in their field. Besides instructors have rich experience in the fields concerned. We give specical training to all the trainers. Our instructors often go to visit Wind Turbine Generators at wind farm. Or we celebrate some “Train the Trainers” courses. The following are some images about training course with SHE – SOLUTION rescue equipment by SHE SOLUTION’s experts. This trainer training includes:
  •  The handling of the equipment
  •  Exercises of various rescues scenarios with the equipment
  •  Training as an expert person to carry out the revision of equipment.

SHE-SOLUTION is a manufacturer of innovative rescue equipment for professional and permanent use in industrial environments. Our centre offers optimal training and realistic training at the highest level in the areas of safety and rescue at high altitude.

We are proud to obtain the “Certified SHE-SOLUTION Partner” and to be published on their website.

Trainers with many years of experience and optimal training environments, we ensure that the quality of training reaches the highest efficiency. You are right with us when it comes to safety and protection of people at work.


  • Ms. Van – Training Manager / Phone: 0902 296 222 / Email:
  • Ms. Hang – Training Coordinator / Phone: 0982 241 672 / Email:
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