Hội Nghị Ủy Ban Cố Vấn IRATA Khu Vực Đông Nam Á năm 2024

   Ngày 04/5/2024, tại Rayong, Thái Lan đã diễn ra Hội nghị ủy ban cố vấn IRATA khu vực Đông Nam Á (IRATA South East Asia RAC Meeting 2024). Ủy ban Cố vấn IRATA Khu vực Đông Nam Á (SEARAC) đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc đại diện cho các công ty thành viên […]


Service Personnel Initial and Level 1 Training Certification After the training, you are awarded 2 kinds of certificates including Personnel Initial Training Certificate and Level 1 Technical Training Certificate. The certificate is to certify that the candidate has competence in relation to the training outcomes within ISO 23678-2 and ISO 23678-3. The Holder of this […]

Customer/trainee feedback of SafeTech Training Center Quarter 1/2024

Trainer: Excellent 78.02%; Good 20.01%; Fair 1.97%; Books and Reading Materials: Excellent 66.89%; Good 32.76%; Fair 0.35%; Facilities: Excellent 83.07%; Good 16.04%; Fair 0.89%; Equipment Available: Excellent 79.36%; Good 18.35%; Fair 2.29%; Course Content Excellent 91.03%; Good 7.63%; Fair: 1.34% Benefit of Course: Excellent 66.89%; Good 32.07%; Fair 1.04% Overall Rating of Course: Excellent 84.92%; […]

GWO Advanced Rescue Training at SafeTech

GWO Advanced Rescue Training is intended to enable participants to perform rescue operations of injured persons in a wind turbine, using standard industry rescue equipment, rescue methods and techniques that surpass those used in the Working at Heights course. The training will be conducted at SafeTech Training Centre, Road 11, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua […]

Secure Your Future with SRE SafeTech Training Center

At SRE SafeTech Training Center, we understand that quality training is not only just about certification, but also paying attention to every smallest detail to ensure your highest safety. Come to join our IRATA Rope access courses for equiping you with unparalleled skills and knowledge, ensuring that safety is always the first priority. TALK TO […]

JOIN OUR TEAM – [ Trainer Assistant ]

TRAINER ASSISTANT  Quantity: 01 Safety Assistant Trainer 01 Rope Access Assistant Trainer Job description: – Conduct preparation for courses as per Training Centre Policies and Procedures. – Conduct theory & practical training when required. – Conduct post course activities as specified by Training Centre Policies and Procedures. – Assist in completing and maintaining records on […]

WE ARE HIRING !!! |Assistant Rope Access Instructor|

Assistant Rope Access Instructor Full time Working Location: Vung Tau City, VietNam SafeTech Training Centre MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB: To ensure that all rope access training operation & marketing department are carried out safely and efficiently in accordance with company and statutory regulations. PRINCIPAL DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES: To support & become an assistant rope access […]