We offer practical and realistic safety training designed specifically for the renewables sector.

Investment in dedicated onsite facilities including wind turbine training towers and platform transfer simulators has helped to ensure that we can meet all the safety and technical training needs of customers worldwide.

Selected courses include working at height, marine safety, confined space, sea survival, fire fighting, manual handling, and first aid, with the option to deliver selected courses offsite or at the customer’s premises.


GWO Manual Handling

Module: GWO Manual HandlingThe Manual Handling Module shall ensure that: Problem-solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment. Demonstrate Manual Handling risk reduction techniques. Identify aspects of their job tasks that could increase their risk of developing muscular/ skeletal injuries. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of carrying out work duties in a safe and sound manner in accordance with the legislative requirements of their geographic work location. Understanding of safe practices of Manual Handling, including the correct handling of equipment. Identify signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor Manual Handling techniques and have knowledge of reporting methods.

GWO First Aid

Module: GWO First Aid Objectives: The participant learns basic first aid principles of ERC and AHA`s guidelines / American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC). The participant is able to identify symptoms and signs of injuries and illnesses. The participant will have an understanding of how important it is to provide the necessary first aid, in case of illness or injury, when you are in a wind turbine. The participant is able to assess sick or injured people using the ABC principles. The participant will learn the proper use of various first aid equipment. The participant will be...

GWO Sea Survival

Module: GWO Sea Survival The training objectives are as follows: The participant can demonstrate knowledge of the dangers and symptoms related to hyperthermia and drowning. The participant understands the benefits and limitations of personal safety equipment and personal fall safety equipment. The participant can strap on the equipment and maintain it correctly. The participant can perform safe transfer from vessel to dock the vessel to the foundation. The participant has knowledge of emergency and safety procedures on installations, ships and wind turbines. The participant can demonstrate knowledge of alarm systems at sea and the global maritime safety system. The participant...

GWO Working at Heights

Module: GWO Working at Heights Objectives: The participant can demonstrate knowledge of the hazards and risks associated with working at heights, specifically for wind turbine environment. The participant understands the applicable national legislation regarding working at heights. The participant can demonstrate proper identification of protective equipment, including identification of European / global standard markings. The participant can demonstrate knowledge and skills to properly inspection and service of the relevant equipment. The participant can demonstrate proper use of appropriate protective equipment. This includes proper identification of anchor points and correct behavior. The course participant can demonstrate the correct use of the...

GWO Fire Awareness

Module: GWO Fire AwarenessObjectives:The participant becomes aware of the danger of fire spreading in a wind turbine.The participant learns what causes fires in wind turbines and the dangers to be aware of.The participant will be able to operate hand extinguishing equipment.The participant becomes aware of emergency plans in a wind turbine environment.The participant will be able to evacuate from a wind turbine in case of fire.

This course has been developed in response to the demand for recognizable Basic Safety Training (BST) in the wind industry, and has been prepared based on risk assessments and factual incident and accident statistics pertaining to the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants.

Oil & Gas

Hazardous Substances Training

Hazardous Chemicals Awareness Training is beneficial for anyone who supervises, uses, stores and or handles Hazardous Chemicals (also known as Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods) in the workplace.

Forklift Safety Training

Those who work around forklifts are often victims of forklift accidents. This training teaches common hazards, best practices, injury and fatality statistics, the forklift stability pyramid, and more to ensure all employees can work safely.

Scaffolding Training

The aim of this scaffolding training is to provide the participants both theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to erect, inspect, use and dismantle scaffolds, using standard scaffolding guidelines.

Safe Driving At Work

This course is designed for any person who is required to drive on company business, is employed as a driver (in the plant or on public roads) or is a local hire driver under company responsibility. This training also applies to personnel using a vehicle on behalf of a company.

Workplace Health & Safety Awareness

This training course will provide a general induction to the safety legislation, processes and best practices for all employees. It is specifically designed to provide participants with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Work Health and Safety.

Basic Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

H2S, often referred to as “The Silent Killer”, is a highly flammable and toxic gas that can easily build up in low-lying areas and confined spaces, and can quickly overcome unprepared workers. This course is designed to give delegates the required knowledge and understanding of the particular hazards and properties of H2S and the appropriate emergency response actions to take if an H2S related incident occurs.

Confined Spaces

The Confined Spaces training course is intended for people who have to enter a confined space to carry out their work. In order to do this safely, they will gain insight into the risks involved and learn measures to enable them to enter and work safely.

Travel Safely by Boat

The Travel Safely by Boat is a two-hour program covering boat travel to and from offshore platforms and the transfer of personnel between the vessel and the offshore platform.

The portfolio of Oil & Gas training courses are designed and tailored to help the delegates to fully develop their skills as effective and knowledgeable professionals in the field of oil and gas industry, including oil and gas production, crude oil and LPG storage tanks, specifics of transport to onshore and offshore refinery facilities and/or marine terminals and other important operations. They meet high standards, both with respect of course content as well as the methodology of course presentation.

Safety Generic

Basic Technical Training

  BASIC TECHNICAL TRAINING WHO IS THE COURSE SUITABLE FOR? Basic Technical Training (BTT) is aimed at people who wish to enter both the onshore

Blade Repair Training

BLADE REPAIR TRAINING WHO IS THE COURSE SUITABLE FOR? Personnel who will be working in the wind industry, specifically in relation to composite inspection and

Control of Hazardous Energies Training

CONTROL OF HAZARDOUS ENERGIES TRAINING WHO IS THE COURSE SUITABLE FOR? The control of hazardous energy training is targeted at candidates as follows: Participants work in the

Enhanced First Aid Training

ENHANCED FIRST AID TRAINING WHO IS THE COURSE SUITABLE FOR? Personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields, and who will

Our safety training sessions are suitable for most workplaces or can be customized for specific high risk industries. All health and safety training is conducted by qualified professionals that are experts in their field.

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Our fantastic indoor Training Centre in Vung Tau city offers a controlled and safe environment and has many unique features, including an indoor Tower Turbine, Sea Survival Pool, Confined Spaces, therefore creating a realistic environment.

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