IRATA Level 3 – Rope Access Training

IRATA Level 3

  • Participant:

– Male/ Female

– For experience level 2 technicians wishing to progress within the IRATA scheme.

  • Prerequisites:

– Held an IRATA Level 2 certificate for at least 1 year

– A minimum of 1000 hours of experience in rope access work at level 2

  • Ages:

Attendants who need to take part in the IRATA Level 2 rope access course need to be at least 18 years of age.

  • Health and Fitness:

– Candidates need to be physically fit and unaffected by any disability/medical condition which prevents them from working safely and are required to certify that they do not have any medical disabilities, by self-certification.

– It is recommended that any condition has a medical certificate or doctor’s note to show potential employers that it won’t affect their work at height.

– Any long-term condition should be reassessed medically to ensure appropriate medical condition.

  • Course aim:

– Supervise rope access work projects

– Understand relevant work techniques and legislation

– Demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required of IRATA rope access levels 1 and 2

– Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques

– Show that suitable first aid training has been undertaken (and hold an appropriate and valid first aid certificate)

– Have knowledge of the IRATA training, assessment and certification scheme

  • Syllabus:

– Theoretical knowledge of rope access with regard to safe use of equipment, legislation and techniques.

-This will include a sound knowledge of the IRATA code of practice, risk assessments, method statements and worksite organisation.
-Theoretical knowledge and practical application of rigging techniques and appropriate.
– Safely and efficiently carrying out a range of rope access manoeuvres.
–  Climbing on structures using work positioning and fall arrest techniques.
-A range of rescues including both abseil and hauling techniques.
-Advanced rescue and team exercises.



5 days

Certified by IRATA International United Kingdom (UK). Validity Up to 3 Years. The training records & certificates will be issued by IRATA HQ UK.


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